Thursday, February 13, 2014


Why, oh why is it funny to hug your mom after a really long sweaty bike ride...when your mom is much shorter than you are...and your sweaty and quite stinky armpits rest just perfectly on her shoulders?  (OK, I suppose that's obvious.)

And as I'm running about the kitchen screaming, "STOP!" he's having the very best of times.  And then here's how it goes.

Me:  "If you try to hug me again before you take a shower, I'll stop making this sandwich for you."

And he comes closer.

Me:  "I'll lick the bread."

And he comes closer.

Me:  Well, let's just say I had to pull out all the verbally gross threats that a twelve-year-old boy would.

And he stops.

Until his sandwich is done.  And he thanks me so sweetly.  And then right after I turn around he sneaks a quick, sweaty, stinky hug.

Sigh...that kid adores me, there's no doubt about it.

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