Saturday, June 7, 2014

Barbed Wire - 2, Kali - 0

I was in two battles today with barbed wire fences.

Battle #1:  I was slipping through the strands of barbed wire with the kid to go recover a rocket.  He got through fine.  Me not so much.  My pants snagged on one of the barbs which threw my momentum off, my arms went a'whirling, and I got two lovely scratches on my left hand from some particularly rusty barbs.

Battle #2:  On the way back after recovering the rocket we were going over another barbed wire fence.  The kid got right over and offered help.  I held a post with my bleeding hand and took his hand with my other.  I stepped on the fencing and as he pulled me up he lost his grip, and I fell back...WHAM!...on my shoulder.  All in front of a small crowd of people.

While #1 is now my reason for having a Monday morning appointment to get a tetanus shot, #2 gave my dad excellent footage to capture with his quadcoptor he had circling above.

And the Oscar goes to....

And it's OK to laugh.  I am.

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