Friday, June 13, 2014

Boo Boo Fixing Super Powers

I'm convinced that our roles as parents are set really early in our children's lives.

If they wanted to be tossed high into the to dad.

If they wanted a to mom.

If they wanted to build something with power tools (not counting my awesome sewing machine) to dad.

If they had a boo to mom.

And while I've pretty much managed to shake the whole "talk to mom" if they're hungry, I still haven't shaken the boo boos.  Not that I want to, mind you.

Last night I had to be away from home overnight and at about 1:00 AM I ended up engaging in a long texting conversationwith my little guy who was having some undesirable symptoms.  Mind you, his dad was there in the house sleeping, less than thirty feet away.  I was all the way across town.  But contact me, he did.

And even though I'm pretty darn exhausted today after having taken the kid to the doctor and then to the pharmacy, I'm happy that I've maintained my boo boo fixing super powers.

Upon arriving at home...

Little guy:  "Mom, I'm hungry."

Yup, still working on shaking that one...but not working terribly hard.

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