Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Best Nap Ever!

I had the best nap ever today!  Seriously, it's one of those naps that will go down in my history book as the best nap I've ever had.  I was concerned that I'd go about the rest of the day, heck, the rest of my life like that girl in "American Pie" who went on and on about "that time at band camp" if I didn't just get it down on paper screen.

So here's the scoop.  (Because I know you want to know.)  The nap rocked.  It wasn't just one of my regular fifteen to twenty minute catnaps.  Nope.  It as a glorious two-and-a-half hour, solid, blissful snooze.  And here's why I think it happened.  I didn't just crawl into bed with all my clothes on ('cept shoes, of course).  I changed back into my PJs.  My mind, body, and soul knew that this girl was committed.  And so did my old cat, Pug, my young dog, Hazel, and my old dog, Scout...because by the time I woke up, Pug was nestled in by my face with my arm around him, Hazel was at the foot of the bed snoring, and Scout was asleep on the floor as close to the bed as she could get. 

And the cherry on top?  I woke up rested, not zombified.  And with a teeny, tiny flower on my sheets that had fallen off of Pug.

OK, I might just have to tell you in person about my best nap ever...because it was just so awesome.  Feel free to point somewhere behind me whilst saying, "Look!", and run far, far away from me if I bring it up.  I promise I'll understand.

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