Thursday, June 19, 2014

Polly Want a Kiss?

I heard on the radio not long ago that there was an increase in salmonella poisoning.  And do you know who were the most likely to be coming down with it?  Chicken owners.  And do you know why there were coming down with it?  They had been kissing their chickens!

Now when I heard this I thought, "That is so freakin' weird!!! Icky, bleck, patooey!"

Of course you know that I own chickens, right?

Well, I have to confess something.  The last few times I've been holding my chickens and looking into their sweet little glassy eyes, I've felt the urge to kiss them on their little feathery cheeks.  What has come over me?!?!

So I've officially started a new trend.  Air kissing chickens.


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