Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Three Years of Creating

It was three years ago today that I began this adventure in creating.  I'd come off of a particularly challenging school year...and by challenging, I don't mean bad.  By challenging I mean filled with many, many opportunities for learning and growth.  I had been so focused on my role as teacher that as summer started and I should have felt relief, instead I only felt lost, unable to find myself again.

So one day I just started creating.  And I haven't stopped.  And I'm forever grateful for that challenging year.  What a gift it was!

Thanks for going along with me on this wonderful journey of mine.

P.S. When I created this door painting I was thinking of how when one door closes and another opens, which door we choose when we have an opportunity, and whatnot.  But then I realized that I'm not all that deep, after all.  I just happened to be listening when the creative bubble rose up in me. 

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  1. Wow congrats on your 3-year creativersary! Keep it up. I love your paintings =)