Friday, June 20, 2014

Funny Things my Husband Says

Yes, it's another edition of "Funny Things my Husband Says"!

He's the gardener 'round these parts.  Me?  I just tend to kill plants.  I don't mean just happens.  Anyway, he planted just one tomato plant this year and surrounded it with some sort of lovely flowers.  Well, that tomato plant went and grew HUGE!  It towered up, up, up over its wire cage and even grew through the netting Dave placed over it to help keep the varmints away.

And there it stands, looking all proud and fabulous, until the wind picks up.  When we get strong gusts that huge tomato plant decides it's a great time for a nap and it lays right down.

So...Dave's solution?

"I need to make a proper propper for that plant!"

Yup, he's awesome!

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