Saturday, June 28, 2014

Matchy Matchy

This morning the little guy and I were in line at the grocery store.  We were behind a friendly guy.  A really friendly guy.  The kind of guy that goes on ahead and yammers it up with the customers behind him.  My kind of guy!

So we yammered on and on...and then I noticed something.  That friendly guy had on the exact same pair of shoes I'd bought for my little guy two days ago and my little guy was wearing them.  And that guy had on a gray shirt, just like my little guy had on.

Me:  "Hey, you guys are matchy matchy today!"

Friendly guy:  "Well, look at that."

Little guy:  "Oh, yeah."

Friendly guy:  "We called each other this morning."

And then the friendly guy left.

Little guy:  "Wow, he was sure friendly."

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