Friday, June 27, 2014

Trail Bliss

It was a big day in the life of our dog, Hazel.  Now this may not seem like any big deal, but let me tell you where we started.

When Hazel was a wee pup she had a few phobias.  You know, scary stuff like a leaf blowing by, a trash bin being rolled, her metal dish being set on the floor.  Ya, scary!

I've been taking her to the hike and bike trails right near our house because I love going there so much and what would be better than being accompanied by this girl, right?  We started a couple of weeks ago and it was TERRIFYING!  Bicyclists would pass and clearly they were just about to take a big chomp outa Hazel's leg.  A runner would pass by us and Hazel was quite sure they were going to go for her jugular.  A dog would hurry past and it was just so obvious that they had rabies or some other reason to viciously attack.

Well, give up we didn't.  We pushed right on through those fears and today...drum roll...Hazel finally realized that there were no predators and she most certainly was not prey.

...and she even drank out of an unfamiliar dog water dish.  This is big stuff, people, and this mama is feelin' happy and proud.

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