Sunday, October 19, 2014

Big Wing Dreams

One of our sweet chickens has a problem.  A wing problem.  While Fuzzy's body is about the same size as the other chickens, her wings are about half the size of her peeps (see what I just did there?).  When we hold our other chickens and let them fly out of our hands, their wings spread beautifully and they do that "almost fly" thing that chickens do.  When we hold Fuzzy and let her fly out of our hands, her teeny, tiny wings flap furiously making a whirring sound, and she falls to the ground twisting and turning Woodstock style. 

But I'm quite sure that when she gets in the coop each night, closes her eyes, tucks her head into her teeny, tiny wing, that she has the most amazing big wing dreams a chicken could have.

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  1. What a sweet story & great little painting to go with it!!

    1. Thank you! Fuzzy is such a sweet little one. :-)