Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Trapped in a Biker Jacket

As a teenage punk rocker I was so excited when I got my first biker jacket.  Truly, such a treasure.  My first one, in retrospect, was a bit lame, though I remember it as AWESOME!  I bought it at the local Army/Navy Surplus store and it was 100% vinyl.  I proudly hung a pair of miniature handcuffs on one of the zipper handles and strung red, yellow, and green thread around the buckle.  Yup, awesome.

Years later, as an adult, I bought a "real" biker jacket...but it never did rock the vibe like my original one that eventually fell apart.  Vinyl, ya know.

Well Dave cleared out his closet a while back and one of his clear out items was an awesome leather biker jacket.  Cool zippers, belt and all.  I've had it riding around in the back of my car thinking that surely I'll either find the perfect someone to give it to who will love it or maybe I'd end up someplace where I could sell it.

Neither of our kids wanted it at all, to my great disappointment, but one day when it was cold and my little guy had forgotten his hoodie, I offered Dave's biker jacket to him.

Me:  "Here, try this on.  It'll definitely keep you warm."

Little guy:  "Do you have anything else?"

Me:  "No.  And this is awesome!"

He put it on one arm at a time, zipped it up, and he looked amazing!

Little guy:  "I hate this jacket!" as he tried to shake it off.

Me:  "Wha?!?!"

Little guy:  "I can't get out!"

And it was true.  He could not get it off.  

So together we pried it off.

So, anyone need an awesome biker jacket?

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