Thursday, October 16, 2014

Kid Love

Because we're both competitive and dorks, this is how our husband/wife texting goes.

But first, a little explanation.  I was just leaving work and I'd driven my car instead of riding my bike so I could bring some stuff home with me.  And since I had my car I agreed to pick my little guy up at the bottom of the big hill that leads to our house.

Dave:  "Sucker"  He was stalking our iPhone locations and he figured out what I was doing for the kid.

Me:  ":-P He was lucky.  He caught me just as I was leaving work.  And, yes, I'm a sucker.  But he loves me more than he loves you! :-)"

Dave:  "Yeah, but I'm making him taquitos."

Dang!  I think Dave may have just won this "kid love" round.

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