Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Post Revolution

So a year later my big guy finally saw the clip of me on NBC's "Revolution". 

Me:  "It's on Netflix now, check it out."

Big guy:  "No, mom, I'm busy.  I'll look at it later."

Later...and by later I mean about an hour after I'd fallen asleep and was happily dreaming-n-drooling.  A puddle on my pillow is a sign of some good sleep happenin'.

Big guy:  "Hey, mom!  I just watched you...that was cool!  You looked a lot like the star of the show."

The star is in her early 20s...he was instantly forgiven for waking me up.


Big guy:  "You both looked dirty."

I'm good with it.  This forty-seven year old broad is happy to look like a dirty chick in her 20s any day.

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