Thursday, October 30, 2014

With Color

I'm so, so used to being around boys.  My kids are boys.  My husband...a boy.  And it seems, though I haven't actually been collecting data beyond what I see in the laundry (a sea of tan, gray, blue, and black T-shirts and pants), that the color pallet that comes with all these boys is a bit narrow given all the choices that are out there.  So this lovely and amazing time I'm getting to spend with my fabulous niece is rounding out the spectrum for a spectacular and sparkly way!  My computer bag is now covered with the sweetest little colorful stickers - chickens, rainbows, and unicorns among them.  The room where I'm sleeping houses the brightest pink Barbie dollhouse and yacht ever.  And her gymnastic outfits are sparkly beyond compare.

And on top of being colorful, sparkly, and full of fun and whimsy, this terrific girl is one of the most amazing athletes I've ever known. 

Strong, creative, brilliant, passionate, and kind...this girl rocks!

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