Friday, October 17, 2014

Roll Over, Roll Over...

You know that kids' song, the one about all the creatures in bed and they all roll over and one falls off?  Well, that just so happens to be my nightly bed experience. 

I get in bed first.  Then our big dog, Hazel.  Then our cat, Pug.  Then our cat, Tommy.  Zzzzzzzz...  And then a while later Dave gets in.  And he's pretty much a disturbance in our sleepytime force. 

Dave:  "Move over...go on."

And Tommy moves over, and Pug moves over, and Hazel moves over, and suddenly I'm at the edge of the bed just about to fall out.  And I would except for that I have "move over" powers myself. 

Me:  "Move over...go on."

And Tommy jumps off, and Pug moves to the foot of Dave's side, and Hazel curls up by my feet.


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