Sunday, October 12, 2014

Got a Frog in his Throat

...or maybe a toad...or perhaps a lizard.

Yup, our wee little cat learned a valuable life lesson the other night.  At least we hope he did.

Dave saw the little dude with some sort of amphibian/lizard type critter in his mouth.  Being the proud little cat that he is, he took off runnin' not about to give up his prized possession.

But it turns out that such critters have a defense of their own designed to discourage predators...and our sweet little predator was soon frothing at the mouth and barely able to see through his swollen, squinty eyes.

Off to the emergency vet we went where $89 later it was determined that our little dude would be just fine.  And maybe, just maybe, he learned a little somethin'.

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  1. Super cute painting. Years ago, I had a cat in the same situation. He'd been watching a toad and I told him to rethink his plans. Being a cat, he paid me no attention & the next time I saw him he was frothing & looking very unhappy. I don't think he ever bothered a toad again!

    1. Thanks!!! I hope my cat is as smart as your cat and avoids them from here on out!