Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween and Happy Birthday to my Little Guy!!!

Sixteen years ago today we welcomed our little guy to this world of ours.  He was born at home in our bed and and that evening when Trick-or-Treaters rang the doorbell, my very proud husband introduced all the little ghosts, goblins, and witches to our very own little spook.  He gave them candy, too, of course...because, really, those kids weren't all that interested in a baby.  But soon all the neighbors showed up to meet the newest resident...and then more neighbors...and then more.  I'm pretty sure he set a world record that day for meeting the most people in the first twelve hours of life.

And maybe it's how he would've turned out regardless of the day he was born, but my little guy is obsessed with tricking me.  Here's what's happened to me in just the last twenty-four hours.

• A sticky slug toy was shot at me and it went "splat" on my neck and stuck there.  Bleck!

• The same slug was left for me to "accidentally" step on when I was barefoot.

• I've turned my head only to have my cheek poked by a waiting pointer.

• As we went through my brother's awesomely scary haunted house I was touched or had things thrust at me to "enhance" my experience.

• Ice has been put down my back.

• A skeletal hand has been placed on my shoulder repeatedly.

• A walking hand has graced the top of my head.

And I freak out.  Every.  Time.  It's my little gift to my little guy who has given me so much happiness, joy, and bliss over the years.

Happy Birthday, Little Guy...We love you!!!

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