Saturday, August 1, 2015

Dreamer - Part 2

My little guy got some chips today at a Subway. They were biscuit and gravy flavored. Have you ever heard of such a thing? They had other crazy flavors, too, but I only offered to pay for one bag and that's the one he picked. Against my better judgment, I tried one of them. And you know what? Those crazy chips did taste exactly like biscuits and gravy. I felt like I was on some futuristic TV show where I ordered a meal in a pill form and it tasted like the meal I wanted. While I can't really recommend them as a yummy addition to any meal, I will definitely recommend them as a weird space-age taste experience.

I've continued working on this painting but I'm not ready to call it done. I still have work to do on her. I like the direction it's heading, though. Maybe tomorrow will be "finish" day.

I extended her chin lower and added more color
to her hair. I also added more ribbons.

I added a brown tone to her hair.

I added even more brown and lengthened her eyelashes.
I think they're too thick and dark. I also added
pink to the ribbons and darkened her lips.

I lightened her lashes and worked on the background a bit.
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