Monday, August 31, 2015

Field of Blue - Part 2

Dave's been teaching our dog, Hazel, to play dead. It's supposed to go like this.

"Sit" - Hazel sits.

"Down" - Hazel lies down.

"Bang!" - Hazel rolls to the side and plays dead.

Here's what actually happens.

"Sit" - Hazel sits.

"Down" - Hazel lies down.

"Bang!" - Hazel looks at Dave like he's crazy.

"Bang!" - Hazel begins to sloooooowly ooze over just a tad.

"Bang!" - Hazel rolls to the side but keeps her head up.

"Bang!" - Hazel slooooooowly lays her head down and sighs.

So it's not an instant gratification thing for Dave, that's for sure, but I believe that Hazel has a good chance of winning an Oscar this year. Best death scene ever!

I continued working on my bluebonnets. I'm excited about doing layer upon layer of them!

I added some white over the black so the blue of
the bluebonnets would be brighter.

I painted the flower shapes a blue/purple combo.

I added white/green tops and white speckles to the flowers.
This is just the first layer of bluebonnets. More to come!
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