Tuesday, August 4, 2015

In Full Bloom - Part 1

I have a love hate thing with bangs. When I get them I love them. And then after a while I hate them. When I grow my bangs out I love not having them. And then after a while I miss them. Right now I'm at the missing stage. But I think rather than diving all in, I'm going to go for longish bangs. The kind they'll give you but they won't do free bang trims in between because they're not truly bangs. I certainly am grateful to have this life I lead where I can consider my bangs' length my biggest current decision.

And I started another flower painting. I'm am so in love with flowers right now!

I started by creating the basic shapes of
a vase with a bunch of flowers in it.

I added another layer of color and lightened the vase
a bit. I also sprayed the flowers with lavender water.

I began laying in come color and continued
with the lavender water.

More color! More lavender water!
I love using the lavender water.
Really gets me in a flowery mood!
Excited to finish this one!

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  1. So glad you're in love with flowers! Love this loose bouquet! And bangs - I have a love / hate relationship with them...