Monday, August 17, 2015

That Summer Feeling

Summer break is officially over for me this evening. Tomorrow I start back at work with a job I absolutely love. (I teach three and four-year-old children with disabilities in case you don't know.) And I'm sitting here reflecting on this amazing summer break I've had...and kind of wondering why it's called a "break" as I've been crazy busy.

- I've done a number of commissioned paintings in addition to my daily painting.

- I trained a bunch of wonderful new teachers.

- I've had an exhibit of my paintings.

- I started my fifth year of painting and blogging daily.

- I've taken two painting classes.

- I received a diagnosis that is fixable by surgery (that'll happen really soon).

- I helped my oldest son pack and move out of our house.

- I got my hair cut shorter than it's been in many, many years.

- I started painting much bigger.

- I learned how to do minor surgery on my chickens' feet.

I'm thinking there's more, but those are the things that pop into my blissfully exhausted little head.

What a grand summer it's been!

This is a sweet little practice piece from a class I'm taking. I love the warm summery feeling it has.

"That Summer Feeling"
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  1. Wow! It has been an amazing summer - so many positive things happening. Even your painting is amazing!

    As for your surgery, I'm trusting it will produce the expected result. Best of luck with it, Kali.