Sunday, August 16, 2015

Kept me Safe at Night - Part 2

I've been staring at my childhood nightlight a lot the last two days. It's a funny thing how desperately I needed light on as a kid while I slept, especially when you consider how much as an adult I can't stand any light being on at all. My sleeping style these days? It's all under cover. Sometimes it feels like I may have some oxygen deprivation issues, but it seems I'll choose darkness over breathable air any day.

I finished my owl nightlight painting. I loved painting something I've cherished for over forty years. It resides on the very desk I'm typing at at this very moment. Still watching over me after all this time.

"Kept me Safe at Night"

I began adding reflection marks.

I gave the flowers some shadows.

I added more shadow and colored additional leaves.
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