Thursday, August 20, 2015

Untitled (I'll figure out what to call it when I finish) - Part 1

It's funny. I pretty much always have a title in mind for a painting from the moment I start. But this time, even though I have a figure basically laid out, nothing is coming to me yet. I guess it needs to cook a bit more. I'm counting on the painting letting me know when it figures out what it wants to be titled. Not unlike little three-year-old me who quite unexpectedly declared to her mom, "My name is Kali," and then refused to answer to any other name from then on.

Yes, perhaps this new painting of mine has a very familiar independent streak.

I painted a canvas reddish orange and did a
light sketch with white paint of my figure.

I painted blue on various parts of the canvas
and some green on her flesh.

I added a bit more blue and green and then sprayed
the canvas with water before taking a squeegee
to the surface, moving the paint about.
This is a project in an online art class I'm taking. I highly recommend it!

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  1. Maybe you should call her "Kali Jr." I'm sure she'll let you know very soon. Nice start!