Saturday, August 15, 2015

Kept me Safe at Night

My big guy moved out today. Suffice it to say that I feel weird. He's twenty, so it's not like he's not an adult and all, it's just strange. Good strange. And then my head jumps to something altogether different, I think to distract myself. I find myself putting on my detective hat and feeling quite sure that I will now solve a years long mystery. Yes, they mystery of which of my sons is not as tidy as he should be when he uses the toilet. Now if my little guy is smart, he'll have error free toileting from here on out so that his older brother will solidly be the suspect, whether the guilt lies there or not.

We shall see....

And I started a still life painting for a class I'm taking. The owl is my childhood nightlight and the flowers I picked from my yard. I love when nature plants beautiful things and surprises us!

I had set up my still life scene with two
colors of scrapbook paper in the back
laid upon a white towel. I then set up
my owl nightlight and the flowers.

I started by painting the background.

I did a quick sketch with watered down black
paint of the objects I was painting.

I painted over them with white so the colors
would show more easily and brightly.

I added more white to the owl and then
began adding the teal tint. I also painted
the flowers.

I added even more details including the
crystals that cover the owl's body and
let the light shine through.
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