Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Spilling Over with Joy - Part 3

I got in my car today and my Amy Winehouse CD was playing. My big guy has been borrowing my car a bit lately and I thought, "The kid finally has some great musical taste!"

But then I picked up my little guy and commented on my recent happy discovery.

Little guy: "That's not what happened. I'm sure of it. I bet he just unplugged his auxiliary cable when he got out of the car and when you started your car it reverted to the CD you already had in there.

He's likely right. But I rather dug my big guy groovin' to Amy Winehouse.

I'm still working on this painting. My time has been really limited since school started back up. But I am making progress. I'm thinking tomorrow it'll be done.

I added some shadows to the flowers. I also
added some lacy white flowers.

I increased the greenery of the bouquet
 and added some white to the shadows.

I decided that it needed more of a background
for some dimension. I also added some color
to the greenery and the background at the top.
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  1. What a beauty! Can't wait to see the finished piece, Kali.