Wednesday, August 5, 2015

In Full Bloom - Part 2

For several weeks now I've noticed a crushed snuff can in the park grass on my walks with Hazel. It has kind of driven me nuts as all litter does, but I just left it there. Last night as I passed it once again I promised myself that I'd pick it up the next night and dispose of it properly. Well, tonight was the next night. And, yes, I did pick it up and dispose of it properly. But the funny thing is, it triggered a memory I'd not thought about in many, many years. One day when I was walking down the street where I grew up I'd spied a snuff can. And intact one. And I'd picked up that can, too. Only that can had snuff in it. Someone else's lost snuff. And I opened it up, pinched a bit of it, and placed it between my lower lip and my teeth. It remained there for some amount of time way less than a fraction of a second before I spit that stuff right on out. Patooey! And I hate to say it, but I suspect that I did not dispose of that snuff can properly.

I finished this painting. Here's the finished piece and below are the last few stages.

"In Full Bloom"
I added details to the flowers.
I used a sponge to add a lacy look to my white flowers.
I also used a blend of white, yellow, and off white at the
bottom to cover all the drips and further refine the
leaves that were hanging down. I thought I was done
but then I realized I wanted to add more green
within the bouquet.
This was an absolute joy to paint!

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