Sunday, September 23, 2012


Dave and I stopped in one of those Halloween costume shops last night.  I wasn't really interested in buying a costume, just looking for some inspiration as I rather like making our costumes.  We hit dead ends on the idea side, but man, the animatronic thingies were pretty cool.  We wandered around stepping on "step on this" signs and pushing on "push me" signs.  They were very scary and I was really glad I was in a fully lit store.  Most of them turned their heads, gnawed on brains, or sang scary songs...but one of those buggers got me good.  I wandered over to a very large tarantula, and stepped on the switch.  Now, in hind sight, the couple who stopped about five feet away from me and stayed where I could only see them peripherally should've been a clue.  But, no, I never pick up on stuff like that.  The tarantula started quivering just a bit and I'm thinking, "This one is kind of lame," when it suddenly launched into the air...right at me!  I jumped back and most assuredly made some sort of unattractive squawk.

"Oh, man, it got you good!"...yes, lovely commentary from that couple who totally knew what was about to happen.

Me:  "Scary!  I gotta show this to my husband."  <snicker>

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