Sunday, September 2, 2012

Silence is Golden...or, perhaps...How can he miss us if we don't go away?

As we arrived home this evening...

Me:  "We're taking the boat out on the lake tomorrow.  Who wants to go?"

Little guy:  "Maybe me."

Me:  "Oh, good!  We'll bring a picnic lunch."

Big guy:  "Uh, mom, you guys have school tomorrow."

Me:  "Nuh-uh, no school, it's Labor Day."

Big guy:  "Does that mean you guys will be around?"  (He's a home schooler now, so apparently he's already learned to love it when the family is gone and he's got the whole house to himself.)

Me:  "Yup!"

Big guy:  <sigh>

I hear ya, big guy and I know exactly how you feel.

And I'm very glad you like our home so spite of the fact that the rest of us live in it sometimes, too.  :-)

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