Friday, September 14, 2012

Cootie Power

Three weeks into the school year and I've caught my first bug.  If you've seen a Nyquil commercial, you know what I'm feeling.  I got home from work and was in my P.J.s and sleeping by 4:00.  When I woke up I staggered into the living room.

Little guy:  "Mom, I'm hungry."  I swear he doesn't actually see me, he just sees a big turkey leg walking in the room.

Big guy:  "She's sick.  Do you want her touching your food?"

Little guy:  "I don't care.  She washes her hands."

Me:  "I don't mind making something for both of you guys."

Little guy:  "Yay!"

Big guy:  "I'll make my own."

Me:  "Suit yourself."

Later that evening when my wonderful big guy found himself hungry (and perhaps a bit too comfy on the couch) again...

Big guy:   "Mom, will you make me something to eat?"

Me:  "I thought I was too sick to make you food."

Big guy:  "Yeah, well you proved you were OK to do it when you made him food."

Me:  "Sure, buddy, I'll make you something."

Quick thinker, that big guy of mine.

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