Monday, September 3, 2012

Going Shopping in my P.J.s

Little guy told me yesterday that he had to have all his school supplies by tomorrow or he'd get a bad grade at school.  Of course I wanted to come to his rescue, so this morning at about 7:00 A.M., I went school supply my pajamas!

You see, for years now I've kept all of my kids' salvageable school supplies at the year's end.  So, I just opened the cupboard and pulled out slightly bent folders with brads, loose leaf paper, and some composition books I'd bought on sale.  I hit the desk drawer for a few glue sticks and some pens.  I pulled my "I never use this" flash drive from my backpack.  I snagged a new pair of ear buds we'd been given compliments of a hotel stay.  And, as my final hurrah, I found a flashlight, did the combat crawl under my big guy's bed to dig through where he'd stashed some of his last year's school stuff to find one last composition book that only had a few pages used in it.  I snipped them out with a paper cutter and ta-da, this mom was done school supply shopping.

And you know what's super cool?  My little guy gave his 100% approval of my "purchases".  Yay!  Glad he's part of my thrifty team!

It's totally awesome to "like" my blog posts in your P.J.s!!

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