Thursday, September 13, 2012

Playing in the Rain

Like all things with kids, "playing" in the rain changes, too.  When they were wee ones it was all about the wonder of the magic falling from the sky.  Then the puddle stomping and racing floating sticks in the gutter.  Now?  Tonight?

Little guy:  "I can tackle you."

Big guy:  "No you can't."  In that lovely I-double-dog-dare-you kind of way that older brothers are so good at.

Me:  "No you can't."  In that I'm-afraid-you'll-get-hurt kind of way that moms are so good at.

Course, what happened?  They both run out the front door and into the rain.  I couldn't watch.  I just knew that if someone got hurt I'd be stuck with that movie playing in my mind forever.  Dave could, though.  And...little guy managed to tackle big guy.  Only once.  Big guy was prepared next time for the little guy's smooth moves.

By the way, big guy = about 200 pounds, little guy = about 140 pounds.  BIG difference.

Yeah, I wish they were out there just kicking water at each other, but what's a mom of teen boys supposed to do....

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