Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Getting her Sog on

Know that feeling when you set out your gym clothes.  You get dressed...all except your shoes and socks that is.  Then you run around getting water, towel, and a book to read during down times.  Almost time to go.  You go get your socks and shoes that you had set out, and the socks are GONE!  Yikes!  A mystery!  A thief is in our midst!!!

OK, so I walked about five feet and there they were.  And they were soggy!  I look around the room and there's Hazel with a sweet little guilty look on her sweet little face.

Hazel:  "What's the big deal?  You were going to get them all wet and sweaty anyway."

Girl's got a point.

P.S.  We love it when our dogs talk to us!

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