Saturday, September 1, 2012


Dragged out my inner cowgirl today.  For what?  Dancing?  A little horse riding at the OK Corral?  Nope.  These boots were made for walking.  Walking in the farm fields.  Was I releasing my inner gardener, too?  Nope.  Just another fabulous day of retrieving rockets.  And, it's so not about me and my boots.

What it's about is the absolute love-drenched joy I'm filled with as I am lucky enough to witness the BFF relationship between my youngest son and my dad.  They create, problem solve, evaluate data, go back to the drawing board, and have the best time ever as they dive into the world that is rocketry.  They have the kind of relationship that I don't even begin to desire with my own children because it's not really meant to be, but someday...someday...I will be so very lucky if I come even close to that with their children.

I can't can wait.

"Liking" my blog post on facebook is such a blast!

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