Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Bigness of Being Little

Visited my mom today.  As usual she had stuff for me to go through.  This always elicits an internal <groan> even though, admittedly, there are often treasures in what she presents.  Well today was rockin'.  Least important, first, I walked outa there with three fabulous purses.  Score!  Most important was the box of photos she and I went through.  There was a slice of my childhood, right there in that box.  What was also in that box was a small slice of her childhood and her mother's childhood.  I drove away with some choice pics to scan and a lovely and warm awareness that we all, most certainly, start out as babies and grow into the adults we are.  I know, totally obvious, but so nice to be reminded of the small ones we all once were.

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