Friday, October 18, 2013

A Life Lit Up

The little guy and I were driving to Trader Joe's (Yay, they finally made it here!!!) the other night.  He loves playing "Guess what Music this is" with me.  For some reason he pulled up a list of songs that had won awards, Oscars and such, and was playing a bit and expecting me to guess it right away.  Well, it turns out I absolutely don't suck at that.  I was rockin' about 75%.

And then a tune came on that I knew from my very core.  A tune I even used to play on the piano.  A tune I had to start soon as I pulled into the parking lot.

Me:  "Oooh, I know this one!!!"

Little guy:  "What is it?"

Me:  "So many nights..." I crooned.

Little guy:  "What's the name of the song, mom?"

Me:  "I'd sit by my window..."

Little guy:  "Mom..."

Me:  "Waiting for someone to sing me his song."

Little guy:  "Um..."

Me:  "So many dreams I've kept deep inside me..."

Little guy:  "God..."

Me:  "Alone in the dark, but now you've come along."

Little guy:  "MOM!!"

Me:  "I'm getting to it! it is, light up my life..."

click.  silence.

Me:  "Hey, I was just getting rolling."

Little guy:  "You won the game, mom.  It's over now."

Me:  "Oh," as I got out of the car.  "You give me hope..."

Little guy:  "Do you want me to stay with you in the store?"

Me:  "OK.  I'll stop.  Let's play again on the way home!!"

And we did!

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