Sunday, October 27, 2013

Catching some Dreams

I hardly ever win anything.  Really, it's quite rare.  But recently I won two totally different, totally amazing online art that focuses on dreams and the other is a season pass to a bunch of different awesome classes.  I'm so honored and excited!!  You'll likely see some changes in my upcoming pieces as I dive into trying new things, thinking new thoughts, and exploring new mediums.

OK, so what's funny is that ever since the dream class went live, I've been remembering my dreams.  Usually I wake up, go about my day, and am unfazed by my dream life.  But these days I wake up conscious of what I've dreamt, more often than not.

And, by golly, they've mostly been about school.  Just like when I was a kid.  And, by George, they've mostly been about forgetting something or getting something terribly wrong.  Really like when I was a kid.  Only adult in, "I'm the teacher now."  Here's a taste.  Note:  please only send me your interpretations if you think my dreams indicate that I'm brilliant, amazing, and wonderful.  None of that crazy lady stuff, deal?

• My former student was actually my age, but still looked four-years-old, and I had to give her a ride to San Antonio because her feet wouldn't reach the pedals.

• My classroom was actually in a basement, with no supplies, steam hissing from pipes above, and parents dropping their children off seemingly unconcerned.

• Oh, and yes I did wear my pajamas to school.  Not traumatic at all, just comfy, thank you very much.

Excited to see what tonight will bring!

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  1. Kali, I loved reading this post! As for your dreams, if they were my dreams, I would think it makes perfect sense! I am learning new things, I am a "student" again. And, I am wearing my pj's to school, because I am attending "dream school."

  2. Awesome Kali. How wonderful. I cant imagine you blog every day. You inspire me. Love your artwork. you have a new fan. BTW where I love - Kali is the name of a Goddess. :) I am sure you knew that.