Saturday, October 5, 2013

These Boots were Made for Stomping

...and I'm feeling so guilty about it.

The thing is, I was at another amazing rocketry event.  I always embrace my inner cowgirl at the events (boots, jeans, cowgirl hat).  It's really all about safety.

hat:  safety from the sun

boots and jeans:  safety from the plants and critters I come across as I fetch rockets

entire ensemble:  hopefully safety from ranchers with guns who catch me trespassing on their property on my quest to find the rocket.

So far, so good.

Well, today I had the urge, shall we say, to use the port-a-potty on the site.  I went in, began to do what I'd gone in there to do, and a scorpion skittered across the floor around my left boot.

I thought about what I should do...for about two seconds...and then I stomped on it.

OK, sure I could've opened the door and kicked it out, but like I said, I was in the middle of doing what I'd gone in there to do.

If I hadn't stomped it it could very well have run right up my leg...again, middle of doing, yikes!

And, gee, it could've scurried away and then stung the next person who came in.  Talk about guilt.  It'd be even worse than what I'm feeling right now.

Anyway, I sure hope he comes back as a butterfly in his next life.  I promise I'll do him no further harm.

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