Friday, October 4, 2013

Lemonade Love

My yard without a lemonade stand looks nekkid!  I think this is the first time in about ten years that there's not a lemonade stand in front of my house during the Austin City Limits Festival.  Apparently being almost fifteen is too old.  And being eighteen is WAY too old.

But...when it all started, and the little guy was four and the big guy was eight, they'd hold up signs and enthusiastically shout to passers by.

"Ice cold lemonade!!!!"

My little guy would run down a house or two and try to talk folks walking down the street into making a purchase from his big brother.  My big guy would hold down the fort managing the money and distributing the bev's.

It's funny when a tradition finally goes by the way-side.  Funny, nostalgic, and totally appropriate.  Those little salesmen will be missed this year, I'm sure.  Feeling super glad that I still have one of their signs from the first lemonade stand ever.

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