Monday, October 14, 2013

Little Buddy

Our big cat, Pug, officially has a little buddy.  He wasn't looking to have a little buddy.  He doesn't even really want a little buddy.  But having a little buddy is what's been forced upon him.

Now, the poor old and amazing guy has put up with a lot.  We're constantly bringing critters into our home.  What does Pug do?  Well, he universally snubs them.  The dogs?  Disgusting, but over time barely tolerable.  The rats?  Delicious-looking...and really rude of us to bring such yumminess into his house and keep them in cages.  The guinea pigs?  "I bet they taste like chicken."  The hamsters?  Well, sadly, Pug did find out that they, or rather one one of them, tasted like chicken.

And now he's had a kitten, Tommy, thrust into his world.  A world where he clearly reigned as king.  What does he think of Tommy?  "If I ignore you, will you go away?"  But does Tommy ignore him?  Not a chance.  Tommy is the sweetest little stalker that ever was.  If Pug is hanging out on a chair at the table, Tommy is right there on a chair next to him.  If Pug is walking through the house, Tommy is just a few steps behind.  If Pug is eating, Tommy is sure to be within inches.  That last one never goes well.

Yup, Pug officially has a little buddy.

P.S. Pug isn't really sad like this picture would imply.  I think he's just too proud to admit he's thrilled.  But maybe his crown is just a hair crooked these days.

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