Tuesday, October 1, 2013

"In a Minute" is Subjective at Best

I've finally figured out why my little guy seems to think that "In a minute" actually means, well, up to an hour...at least!

You know how when you're a kid time seems to take for-e-ver.  It's an eternity to do a three-minute empty the dishwasher job.  It takes a million years for the school year to go by.  And the time between birthdays, Christmases, whatever is somewhere in the gazillions of hours/days/years.

So, I suppose it's no wonder that this is how our daily conversation seems to go.

Me:  "Do you have any homework?"

Little guy:  "I dunno."

Me:  "When will you know?"

Little guy:  "In a minute."

Me:  "As in sixty seconds?"

Little guy:  "I dunno, probably longer."

And he makes no move to move an inch...for at least the fifteen minutes until I got around to writing this.

I think if I'm patient and wait a thousand years he'll get over it.  But for now, I think I'm gonna go give him a "minute" long hug.

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