Sunday, October 20, 2013

Open Wide and say, "Woof!"

Every morning I eat my yogurt.  And every morning my dog, Hazel, patiently watches me.  And every time I finish scraping every last bit I can get out with a spoon (and sometimes a finger tip), I hold the container out to her.

And she opens her mouth.  She closes her mouth.  She turns her head side to side.  She looks at me.  Now, I'm thinking, "Goofy one, why don't you just grab the edge?"  She's thinking, well, not what I was thinking.

Hazel opens her mouth wide...wider...widest...and takes hold of the yogurt container ALL the way across its opening.  Mind you, it's not some baby Yoplait container, no way.  It's a wide rimmed sucker, but she manages, goes off to her bed, settles in, and blissfully cleans it out.

Now this all worked fine, although wackily, until I deviated from my usual shopping plan.  I was at a different store and my favorite yogurt wasn't available.  I was going for second best, but they only had the half quart size.  So, I got it. 

For days on end Hazel would watch me, hope in her eyes, as I dug into the HUGE container, ate my bit, and put it back in the fridge.  Disappointed she was.  Until the last day when I finally finished it off.  That sweet girl of mine, who never wavered from her beside-me anticipation, was finally rewarded.  I held out the HUGE container.  She opened her mouth.  She closed her mouth.  She turned her head side to side.  She looked at me and thought, "Yeah, I think I'm gonna just grab the edge."  And off she went to blissfully clean it out.

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