Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Feeling all Grown-up and Stuff

So the big guy delayed his move-out date by a month.  You know, saving more money.  It's a good thing.  It's just what you want to hear your responsible kid say.  Mostly...until I get all self-absorbed and all, that is.  

Course I had my itch to do some furniture moving going strong.  And there I was, left with all itchiness and no scratchiness.  A couple days went by and then my genius husband said, "Let's rearrange our bedroom."  I think maybe he was feeling the itch, too.

Well, super excited I was!  And a little sceptical.  Our bedroom, in spite of the fact that it's the "master" bedroom, is quite small.  And our bed, in spite of the fact that both Dave and I are on the small side, is a king size.  Our bedroom is, quite literally, a "bed" room.  Well, a bed, two chests of drawers, two tiny bedside tables, a small chest for holding a very small blanket, a chair, a dirty clothes hamper, and a shoe rack (our closet is so small that we can't even keep our shoes in there).  Between my side of the bed and my chest of drawers there was no more than an eight inch gap to walk through. I did it sideways.  Hence my excitement.

So given the challenge of rearranging our things we dragged out the tape measure to see if it was even possible.  It looked to be so...so the bed was swiveled 90 degrees.  The chests of drawers moved.  The bedside tables repositioned.  The hamper relocated.  The shoe rack found a new home.  The tiny chest ended up in a perfect little hide-away spot.  And the chair was given the boot to the living room (where it's fabulous, by the way!).

And I tell you what, I feel like an actual grown-up.  I have solid twenty inches to walk on my side of the bed.  I can even open my drawers all the way. 

At forty-six I'm livin' large and livin' the good life, people!

...and waiting only two-and-a-half months till the big guy moves out to his fabulous grown-up place.

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