Friday, December 13, 2013

Jungle Kitty Adventures

It froze here recently.  This, of course, means that all the plants must be brought inside.  Yup, all four of 'em.  Many, many years ago we had many, many more plants.  But years of being void of all green thumbiness has greatly pared our potted plant collection.

Anyway, once we lugged them all in, almost immediately our kitten scurried to the tippy top of the six foot tall pony tail plant.  The tippy top!  He was in jungle kitty heaven!  He'd go to the top, scale his way down, dig in the dirt, pull leaves off, and make a delightfully HUGE mess.

And ever since he was able to release his inner jungle kitty, he's become quite the stalker.  Stalking us, stalking our grumpy big cat, stalking the dogs, even stalking his kitten toys.  Now the three plants are back out on the porch.  Yes, three.  Jungle kitty officially got his first kill.

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