Friday, December 6, 2013

Perfect Storm of Motivation

I'm always...ALWAYS...inviting my family to go with me when I go running or walking with our dogs.  I pretty much get a universal "No," but the other day presented itself with the perfect storm of motivation.

Me:  "Want to go running with me tonight?  I'll take you by a house where bunnies run wild and free."

Little guy:  "OK, this time.  I need to get in shape for wrestling."

So, perfect!

bunnies + wrestling = running buddy

And so as we ran and walked and ran and walked (that's how I roll), we weaved around the neighborhood, over bridges, through the backstreets, and up and down hills.  All the while I was doing my best to remember exactly where I had seen those cute little bunnies.  As an expert at "fake it till you make it" I meandered my way till I thought things looked familiar and then we were there.  And there was one lone bunny sitting in the front yard.  And my kid was thrilled.

...and so was I.

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