Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Eat mo' Frito Pie!

I've sunk to a new low in the mothering department.  I actually uttered the words, "Eat a lot more Frito pie!"  And I meant it.  Now I'm not a nutrition nut with my kids.  They eat some junk food, have a daily dose of sugar, drink a soda if we're out and about, and have a particular love of fried chicken.  But me actually insisting that they increase their intake of Frito pie...well, it's a bit absurd.

Except for the fact that we've got a rather large stash of Frito snack size bags.  The deal is this.  I purchase large boxes of snack chips at Costco about once a month (See what I mean?  Seriously damaging my Mom of the Year status, eh?).  The kids, being ravenous teenage boys, devour the potato chips, the Doritos (regular and cool ranch), and the Cheetos, but what ends up settling to the bottom, least preferred and abandoned, are the Fritos.  So each time I buy a new box, I dump all the left over Fritos into it.  And on and on until we've got a rather large amount that may just qualify us for the show "Hoarders."

My solution?  If anyone wants me to buy another large box of assorted snack chips, they have to prove that they actually like all of the enclosed variations.  I'm here, wearing my apron and holding a can of chile, some shredded cheese, and a bag-o-Fritos...ready for my sweet guys to get home

Oh, if anyone knows of a charitable organization that could use a rather large donation of Fritos,  that'd work, too. 

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