Monday, December 30, 2013

Toilet Lid Up or Down?

Our kitten loves the toilet.  By "love" I mean that he grooves on it as a source of water, he plays with it with his paws, and he occasionally slips all the way in and takes a very brief bath.  Very.  He's seriously convinced that it was placed there just for him.  It's disgusting.

Now we humans in the house have a new rule as a result of all this.  Always flush the toilet.  Always put the lid down.  These rules, as the only female human in the house, make me very, very happy.

While we've proven ourselves to be fairly abiding of the flush rule, there's definitely some failures on the lid down rule.

So this scene happens...a lot...and not just to me.

• Go in to the bathroom.
• Sit on toilet.
• Do business.
• Stand up.
• And only then realize that the seat was wet.

What is it about standing that activates our moisture sensor while sitting does not?

• We remember to put the seat down.

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