Wednesday, December 18, 2013

So what is it about dogs and postal carriers?

So what is it about dogs and postal carriers?  They come at pretty much the same time six days a week for years on end.  They never make a move to invade the house or cause harm in any way (aside from delivering bills, of course).  So why do dogs think they're so evil?

Our old dog, Scout, barks relentlessly at our mailman each and every day, and no amount of persuasion or consequence can convince her otherwise.  To Scout, the mailman is the devil incarnate.

Well, today I went out to retrieve our mail after Scout's usual barking fit, and there were two dog biscuits placed atop our mailbox.

Me:  "These are a gift from our very nice and very kind mailman, Scout."

Scout:  gobble, gobble, whatever...

Somehow I don't think Scout will change her behavior at all, but I'm quite sure our mailman will be the recipient of some lovely homemade cookies!

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