Monday, December 23, 2013

The Gift of Easy Gifting

Dave and I went out to eat tonight.  On the way back we passed by the mall.  I suppose the mall is OK on a normal day, but oh, my goodness, there was gridlock in that parking lot.  I was so happy to not be in it.  In our actively inactive participation in the holidays, we've pretty much avoided all the shopping hoopla.  I admit we did buy a couple of things for my niece and nephew who are many states away.  Amazon, thank you very in my PJs awesomeness!  We're happily giving my art to family as gifts.  No shopping there.  And my kids?  Well, they're each getting cash and, I'm every so slightly embarrassed to admit, groceries.  Yup, all their tangible gifts say "Trader Joe's" on them somewhere.  And I'm absolutely positive they will love what they receive!

This is my happiest and most stress free holiday season ever!

I recommend it.

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