Thursday, December 19, 2013

Wacky Wardrobe Choices

I've been thinking about wardrobe choices lately.  Mostly when I look at my big guy.  He's taken to wearing a beanie all the time.  Now this isn't a beanie like I remember as a know, the one that was rainbow striped with a propeller at the top.  No, it's the winter cap type of beanie.  And he's really, really cute in it.  But the forty-six year old me keeps wondering, "Why the heck does he want to wear a winter cap all the time, even when it's getting into the 70s?"  Impractical.

And I roll my eyes.  And I keep my comments to myself.

And then I remember that at his age I wore a black leather biker jacket all the time, no matter the temperature.  And I'm thinking I probably looked pretty cute too.  But totally impractical!

My big guy is looking a lot smarter in his style choices all of a sudden.

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