Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Santa Strategy Fail

I actually tried something last night...something I'm pretty sure I never even tried when my kids were little.  I hope I didn't, anyway.  You see, the little guy's room was a disaster.  Disgusting, really.  Stuff everywhere, seemingly half of our dishes strewn about his surfaces, and the place just had a smell.  A bad one.  So, after many nice reminders to clean it up, I pulled out the big guns.

Me:  "Santa Claus is watching you.  You better clean that room."

Little guy:  "Let him watch me."

That's what happens when your kid is fifteen, they're no longer a believer, and they're a smart aleck. 

Me:  "Watch me not give you any of your presents tomorrow."

Little guy:  "OK, gee, mom."

That's what happens when your kid is fifteen, they believe your threat, and they give up being a smart aleck for just a moment.


Mom:  1...I got my way.
Kid:  1...He got to have presents (and a clean room).
Santa:  0...Sorry big guy, can't even give you points for trying.

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